Welcome to the website for the Hampshire Street Food Awards. The main aim of the awards is to celebrate and reward all the hard work that goes on in Hampshire.

It seems that everywhere we go nowadays street food is available to the public. Street food has come a long way in recent times and the standard of the ingredients, choice and cooking has vastly improved. Street food has adapted to our modern way of life by providing our breakfast, lunch and dinner on the go.

As the quality of our restaurants has improved the standards have also risen in the street food industry. The public is now accustomed to high standards of food at festivals and markets up and down Hampshire.

Hampshire is a perfect location for the modern street food trader due to the high quality of local produce that is available on our doorstep. These awards are designed to recognise the contribution to our way of life that modern street food represents.

We wish to reward the efforts and hard work that goes into running a successful and tasty street food business. And recognise the caterers that put providing a quality service at the top of their shopping list.

We want to acknowledge all the early starts to prep for an event and the hours that go into organising a hectic schedule. In this busy and sometimes chaotic life we live in it’s reassuring to know that the quality of our street food in Hampshire is in safe hands.

Street Food traders of Hampshire we salute you.


Why Should You Enter The Hampshire Street Food Awards

  • Publicity

    Winning an award can do great things for your credibility and will also give you further opportunity to further enhance your business profile. It’s an opportunity to improve and build on your brand awareness and provides a real competitive edge when seeking or retaining customers. It’s a great thing to be noticed for, so shout about it!

  • Recognition

    The Hampshire Street Food Awards include public voting as well as judging from a panel of experts. Therefore it is extra special to be shortlisted or win an award as it is your customer base that have voted for you. What better endorsement for your business than being recognised by not only food experts but your customer base also.

  • Networking

    The Hampshire Street Food Awards provide you with an opportunity to make network connections with other business owners and professionals from the industry that can help advance your business and present opportunities to pursue new ventures.

  • Celebration

    The Awards give you an opportunity to celebrate the success of your business as well as that of your peers. It’s also a chance to celebrate the success of the industry and help to spread the word of the booming trade of small independent caterers that we are growing so accustomed to seeing at major events and markets around Hampshire.

  • Charity

    The Hampshire Street Food Awards is a non-profit organisation with proceeds from the awards helping to support local charities.


Estimated value of Street Food market in 2018


Mentions of “street food” on social media each month


Number of results when searching “street food” in Google News in a 24hr period *millions

Enter the Awards

Gain recognition in Hampshire for the being the best in your class.



Common questions about the Awards

Drop us an email at hello@hampshirestreetfoodawards.co.uk if you’ve got more questions and we’ll do our best to answer.

  • How do I register to be nominated for an award?

    Firstly, we require you to be eligible to enter an award category based on the criteria set for each award and on the basis you must be based in Hampshire. Secondly, you will need to complete a nomination entry form and select the categories you wish to be selected for. Once the registration fee has been paid you will be considered for the award.

  • How can I vote for a nomination?

    You will only be allowed to vote for a shortlisted finalist once public voting has opened. Voting will be done through an online form on our website.

  • Can I vote on Instagram?

    All shortlisted finalists will be publicised through our social media channels so you can see who you are voting for, however all votes must be cast through our online voting form.

  • What happens if I want to vote for someone that is not nominated?

    You can only vote for a caterer/vendor if they have been shortlisted unless it is a publically chosen category. Public categories are open for all street food vendors.

  • Can I nominate myself for multiple categories?

    Yes. You will be required to pay the entry fee per category you enter but can enter as many categories as you qualify for.

  • What happens if I vote for someone who isn't based in Hampshire?

    All qualified entries must be based in Hampshire. You can only cast a vote for a shortlisted caterer/vendor if they are a finalist. In the public vote, any vote for a vendor based outside of Hampshire will not be counted.

  • What are the deadlines for entering the awards?

    Stage 1 – Vendors/Traders
    Entry to the awards will be open between 1st March 2020 – 31st July 2020.

    Stage 2 – Public Vote
    The public vote will be open from 1st August 2020 and will close on 31st October 2020. Votes will be cast on our website and Facebook page.

    Stage 3 – Judges Decision
    Judging will take place at The Big Eat Street Food Festival on 22nd August 2020. Judges will be judging top 3-5 finalists in each category. Details to follow

    Public Vote Only Categories
    Voting will open on 1st August 2020 and remain open until 31st October 2020.