The sun is shining and the event has around 3000 more people than expected . It’s 11am and you’ve run out of milk and you have around 30 customers waiting for coffee. 

Your customers have waited an hour to be served and tell you that your food had better be worth the wait.  The generator runs out of fuel and you have around 30 people looking at you. 

Your staff are running late as they can’t get parked. 

Working on prep at midnight for the next day. Leaving your house at 5am to get to an event. 

Crazy shopping trips at 24hour supermarkets because everywhere else is closed. 

Running out of £5 notes!

Running out of £10 notes!!

Getting drenched due to the rain and then baking in tropical conditions. 

Watching the rain wash away the chalk on your menu board. 

Fending off wasps on hot days.

Being placed in the worst location on a site. 

Setting off to a festival and finding out it’s been cancelled and wondering what to do with all the strawberries. 

Breaking down on route to a wedding and having to arrive on a trailer. 

Putting your heart and soul into everything you serve 🙂 

These are all part of the life for a modern street food trader and it’s why we do it. 

We have been running our coffee and crepe van for the last 3 years and for us it’s a lifestyle choice.

Life was very different for us 4 years ago as we were always at festivals and food festivals as members of the public. But my partner was being made redundant and we wanted to do something together on the weekends. We wanted something that was ours so that we could make a stamp on the world. 

We started our research by purchasing a variety of books on street food start-ups. Then we started to look closely at the caterers at Festivals and worked out what we wanted.

“It’s all about the van” my partner said to me when we finished our research. We seemed to be drawn in by cute vintage vans that looked adorable. And that’s why we purchased Jenne! She was adorable from the moment we set eyes on her. It was love at first sight for us.  She was the sort of van that you wanted to take home and introduce to your mother. A real keeper!

Being a Citroen she is typically French though. Left hand drive and all. 

Our top speed is 40mph (downhill) so she is a thing of beauty to see as a pedestrian and a nightmare to get stuck behind on a B road. But she is our baby and has served us well. 

I’m amazed sometimes at the tight pitch slots she squeezes into at events. No power steering to be found so it takes us a while to do a 3 point turn but we always get there in the end. 

We love our customers and the people we meet at events. And wouldn’t want it any other way! 

Winchester Vintage Catering